BATMAN: The Animated Series  

A VR Experience

We are honoured (and quite geeked actually) about creating entire new animated sequences in the world of this legendary TV show! Team Moovix led by Kushal Ruia is responsible for visualizing/ designing and animating all the character work for this new WB/ Mattel VR experience. All 2D animation sequences are being done by Moovix along with select character animation for the CG Joker.


Here is a little sneak-peak of our 2D work

Some WiP Joker WiP Tests for the toonshaded look (animation coming soon!)

To Cancer With Love

 A New Graphic Novel

We are excited about creating our second graphic novel! When Neelam Kumar (author and an inspiring cancer survivor) reached out to us to adapt and create a graphic novel based on her best-seller about cancer but with a sense of humour— we were excited!

We immediately got cracking on understanding her story, her journey and the spirit of the original novel and re-interpreted it for the graphic novel medium and audience.  

We have just finished writing the story and script and working hard to create some gorgeous art to tell this very unique story. Here is a sneak-peak!

WIP Front & Back Cover

WIP Front & Back Cover

Toestee Tales

Branded Content

3 episodes x 1 min, Original Web-series

Toestee Tales are humorous one-minute shorts looking at our lives through the eyes of a warm (and a slightly temperamental) dragon.

Toestee is an average dragon much like an average everyday person in our world. Each episode has Toestee facing a different challenge that we all face everyday— but with Toestee, even the most mundane situation is not without  humour and warmth.  


This project was commissioned by Heat Holders, a leading brand of thermal socks in the UK. A fire breathing dragon wearing nothing but socks, provides a subtle association with the warmth provided by the socks. In addition, his pun-based name is also a nod to the product. 

Toestee Tales marks Moovix's first script-to-screen project which has been tailor-made to deliver quality animated content on a limited budget for internet streaming.

The series has a launch date of Fall/Winter 2015

Development / Promotional Art

Animatics (no audio)

Early Animation Tests