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Across Mediums

Hardly any content created today lives in isolation. With games being adapted into films, films into TV series, TV series into graphic novels and so on, the possibilities of cross-overs and transformations for a single IP are limitless. The need and desire to transcend mediums and formats has never been more imperative.

At Moovix, we believe that at the root of any successful product lies the combination of sound storytelling and strong visual aesthetics. The key is to overcome the challenges inherent in different mediums without compromising the integrity of the original IP. The diversity of passions, expertise and experiences of our multidisciplinary team allows us to work with clients to express their content across multiple platforms distinctly yet cohesively.

Animated Series & Films / VFX

TV Series • Web Series • Feature Films • Short Films • Promos • Ads / Commercials • VFX

Digital & Print Media

Comics / Graphic Novels • Picture Books • Apps Design • Web Design • Gaming 

Design & Development

Graphic Design • Series Design Pack • Concept Development • Pitch Bibles (TV / Film)

Corporate Media

Explainer Videos • Architectural Videos • Branding


Boardgame Art & Kickstarter Videos

World building / Character Designs • Visual Development • Box / Card Art • 3D Modeling  • Animated Rules Videos • Kickstarter Videos • Custom Art based Social Media Content

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Pre-prod BGv2.jpg



Across Pipelines

We custom-create pipelines ideal for our clients' content, budgets and timelines. Using this modular approach, they have the option of giving us as much or as little of the pipeline. We distribute the work among our global resources to leverage their respective creative and economic strengths.  At any time, however, the entire pipeline is produced and supervised by Moovix HQ in Toronto.

Pre-Production Services

  • Concept / Script development
  • Visual Development
  • Character / Location designs
  • Storyboards / Animatics
  • Color Scripts

We understand that It all begins with an idea and even the best ideas need to be developed into strong narratives irrespective of the medium. We pride ourselves in putting deep thought and understanding in not only the story but also the storytelling— and we spend just as much time developing the visual language and tone of the project as we do for the story. This is the 'blue-print' that would define the project from a creative standpoint  and help everyone involved to progressively build upon it.

Our goals remain the same for every pre-production, whether it is for films, TV shows, commercials or graphic novels... just the processes change!

Production Services

  • Layout / Background
  • 2D Animation (Flash / Harmony)
  • Modelling / Rigging 
  • 3D Animation 
  • Visual Effects

Our custom pipeline-building approach allows us to adapt the pre-production (either done by us or the client) into virtually any pipeline that is required. 

We strongly believe in sound Pre-production before commencing on the time-consuming and expensive phase of Production— so as to minimize wastage and maximize efficiency in all Production departments. This translates into high speeds, low costs and fewer surprises for everyone!

Post-Production Services

  • Composting
  • Editing
  • Dubbing
  • Score / Sound FX
  • Sound Mixing 

This is where the seed of an idea sees fruition. Although some fantastic work from the prior stages have brought us to this point, the quality of Post-Production would invariably determine whether the final product looks professional or amateur.

We understand the gravity of this stage and always have the best people on the job to ensure the brightest polish and shine!

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