These are but a few of the talents Moovix is working with. This list will grow as we grow and assemble more heroes committed to the noble cause of sound visual storytelling for all!

Kushal Ruia (Creative Producer, Director, Moovix Co-founder)

Based in Toronto, Kushal is an animation and film-making graduate from Sheridan College. Having worked in the animation industry for nearly a decade— both in India and Canada and in a variety of roles, he brings a unique balance of sound storytelling sensibilities, a creative eye for all things visual and years of management and business experience to Moovix Media Inc.

Prior to this, he headed ACK Animation Studios for five years at India's leading children's media company- ACK Media. In this challenging leadership role (both creative and executive), he produced and directed over 850 minutes of acclaimed TV series/ films/ shorts for Cartoon Network India in addition to directing, writing and producing ACK's first theatrical stereoscopic 3D feature, Sons of Ram, which has won multiple awards and has been shown in prestigious film festivals globally.

Kushal is a published photographer, loves board games and is a film & animation geek (the kind who lines up for hours at TIFF to see 23 movies in 8 days)!

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Tom Cho (Story Artist, Architect)

Tom Cho met Kushal in his Sheridan College animation class and has been a thorn in his side ever since! He has 10 years of experience working in Flash and 3D animation.  A jack of all trades, he has worked for studios like 9story Entertainment and DHX Media with eight television screen credits. 

A true renaissance man, he has studied architecture in Rome, mastered the Argentinian tango and wrestled crocodiles (their mouths were taped shut, but it still counts).

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Nathan Little (Illustrator, Animator)

Nathan is a graduate from the Sheridan College Classical Animation program (2004) with almost a decade of experience animating, supervising, and directing on a wide range of children’s TV series. (Iggy Arbuckle, Grossology, Ruby Gloom, Guess with Jess, Sidekick, Detentionaire, and others). He has also taught animation to new students and studios both in Canada and Columbia.

He is currently finishing up his studies with a focus on theological aesthetics and hopes to one day open a community art center. He has also contributed  illustrations to several different books from Moody Publishers and Oxford University Press.

Though he is a father of two adorable little ones,  it is safe to say that he is still the biggest kid in the family and always has crayons and stickers close by!

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Sandeepan Chanda (Filmmaker, Animator, Illustrator )

Sandeepan was born in a filmmaking environment and got involved in live-action film projects at a young age as an assistant director. Once bitten by the animation bug, he created his acclaimed short, Paranoia, which still continues to screen and earn accolades around the world.

His fresh talent and unique design sensibilities have brought many original projects to life at some of India's leading animation studios. Not being content with his achievements so far, Sandeepan is now further expanding his creative horizons with some of the best in the world at California Institute Of The Arts, LA.

Being at CalArts has often made him ponder over the deep mysteries of life and space and then watch funny cat gifs.

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Somnath Pal (Illustrator, Story Artist, Director)

Creating magical worlds and living in them has been Somnath’s favourite hobby ever since he was a child. Films have been a perfect medium for him to express this passion. Comics come a close second. Writing and directing a short animated film ‘The Candy Tree’, was one of his first projects, following which Somnath has donned several hats including those of a storyboard artist, an art director, a production designer; and an assistant director on an animated feature.

A man of many interests and talents, Som has a fascination for magic and puzzles and he enjoys conjuring stories in his free time.

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