Toestee Tales

TOESTEE TALES is an original IP created by Moovix as a result of a  commission by Heat Holders, a leading thermal socks  brand in the UK/ US. 

Toestee Tales also marks Moovix's first script-to-screen project which has been tailor-made to deliver quality animated content on a limited budget for internet streaming.

The series launched in Fall/Winter 2015 and with it's success, we continue to create other content for Heat Holders centred around this IP — Corporate / Product Explainer Video, Social Media Content etc

1.Branded Content

3 episodes x 1 min, Original Web-series

Toestee Tales are humorous one-minute shorts looking at our lives through the eyes of a warm (and a slightly temperamental) dragon.

Toestee is an average dragon much like an average everyday person in our world. Each episode has Toestee facing a different challenge that we all face everyday— but with Toestee, even the most mundane situation is not without humour and warmth.  

Development Art

Animatics (no audio)

Early Animation Tests

2. Product Explainer Video

3. Web Comics & Social Media Content