Phase 1 of our Moovix website is finally live (yay!), so we thought now is as good a time as ever to commit to a collaborative studio blog which fizzles into oblivion in a few months.... or not!

Us Moovix folk have diverse creative interests and we hope this blog reflects that. We have started this blog with noble intentions of giving you a fly-on-the-wall experience from our growing creative world and also sharing our take on the world around us.

What to expect you ask? Doodles, tips, articles, reviews, commentaries and sometimes even pointless venting by various Moovix storytellers. As random as this sounds, we promise to have a creative bent at the core of all our posts (even while venting)!

We hope you will engage with us with your likes, shares, compelling comments / tweets and help develop a healthy creative community at the Moovix Blog!


p.s. Do check-out the website. Feedback always welcome!